|| akshamala || vedanta sabdhardha ratnamala

Mangu Koneti Rao

about the author

Shri Mangu Koneti Rao (1905 - 1996) graduated from Maharaja’s College, Vizianagaram , Andhra Pradesh, with Sanskrit as his second language. He joined the Andhra Pradesh Goverrnment Service and retired on Super- annuation in the year 1960. After retirement, he settled down at Visakhapatnam. He was a very pious person and was keenly interested in the religious scriptures like Bhagavatam, Ramayanam, Upanishads etc. His deep interest in them made him to start writing what he termed as ‘AKSHAMALA”. He spent more than 30 years of his retired life in consulting and reading various Sanskrit books available in different Libraries to complete his work. He also took up the tremendous job of copying the whole thing in about 60 ruled registers (foolscap size) of 200 pages each all by himself using only one side. The idea, objective, significance and the utility of his work as given by him is presented in the "author's introduction".