|| akshamala || vedanta sabdhardha ratnamala

vedanta sabdardha ratnamala

There are many technical words and phrases in the Hindu philosophical works like Upanishads. Srimad Bhagavatam, Brahma Sutras, Narada Bhakti Sutras and Puranas. These words and phrases do not all of them appear in the Dictionaries. When they do appear, only the meaning is word for word, so much so, the inner meaning or the correct meaning is not brought out fully. There are several commentaries in Sanskrit by eminent commentators like Shri Sankaracharya, Sriman Ramanujacharya, Sriranga Ramanuja and others. These commentaries explain the meaning of such words clearly so that one who goes through them can have a definite idea. All the above mentioned works deal with GOD in all his various aspects. It will be difficult for one to look for meanings in the several commentaries as all these works may not be available at a place at a time. So, I wanted to put these words and phrases together in one book, arrange the words in alphabetical order for ready reference. Against each word I have quoted an extract from the commentaries explaining the meaning of each word as understood by our ancient Rishis. As far as possible, for every quotation I have cited the authority for it.

As there are many such words in the Sanskrit commentary extract and its meaning is to be given against each word and commentaries are quoted from several authors, some words and phrases have been explained at length. Although the meaning is the same in almost all the commentaries, the expression in words is different. To my knowledge no one has attempted a work of this kind so far. I hope this will meet the needs of several people with a philosophical bent of mind in trying to gain a correct insight into GOD and CREATION which means everything on the face of the earth.

A very small portion of this with the same title as now appeared in a monthly journal entitled "DIVYA JEEVANAM" edited by Shri N.S.V.RAO, Principal, Polytechnnic, Tanuku for about two years. The publication of this monthly ceased on the retirement of Shri Rao. The scope of “AKSHAMALA” has since been enlarged and brought out in the present form.